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The Peter Sinn Nachtrieb Interview
Diana Brown goes to the source and interviews the Bay Area's "most produced playwright", Peter Sinn Nachtieb. He talks about the meaningless of politcal language, motivations for marriage, His newest play, The Totalitarians, is currently (at the time of this recording) in performances at San Francisco's Z Space. You can hear songs from his new musical Fall Springs: A Musical Disaster, written with composer/lyricist Nikos Tsakalakos here

The Dan Wilson Interview
After years of failing to convince Radiostar producer Dan Wilson to be interviewed, Diana Brown gets the playwright/actor/director/improvisor behind the microphone to talk about his plays: 411, Vagina Dentata, Sweetie Tanya, Harvesting the Lost, Just One More Game, and his upcoming play Silent City.

The Andre Esterlis Interview
The Studio Interviews return with San Francisco "Pop Up Theatre" producer Andrey Esterlis. Diana talks with Mr. Esterlis about his work and inspiration both here in America and in his home, Odessa.

The Oddly Serious Pianofight Interview
Rob Ready and Dan Williams return for another interview. The boys get serious as we talk about the dangers of the non-profit mindset, the shifting definition of being "for profit", whether or not "Free Night of Theatre" serves the small theatre community, the value of services like Yelp and Goldstar, and the success of ShortLived and Forking.

The Trevor Allen Interview (part 2)
We talk with Playwright Trevor Allen about writing for different voices, fugue writing, Zoo Logic, Tenders in the Fog, dealing with current events and the danger of "too soon", and podcasting The Creature.

The Trevor Allen Interview (part 1)
We talk with playwright Trevor Allen about "Working for the Mouse", Chain Reactions and his explorations into "Fugue" writing, and "49 Miles".

The Short Lived post-show Interview
We talk with Christy Crowley, Stefanie Goldstein and Jeremy Mascia while producers Rob Ready and Dan Williams drink and comment from the back of the studio. We talk about doing Short Lived, working with sock puppets, popping the "stage kiss" cherry, voting recounts, multiple playwrights and acting as an endurance sport.

The Rockin Randall Miller Interview
We talk with Randall Miller about his show "Inappropriate Diversions", the history of "blue", and working in the burlesque world as well as being a stunt coordinator for the History channel. He also sings a few of his favorite blue tunes on his ukulele.

The Dottie Lux and Honey Lawless Interview
Honey Lawless and Dottie Lux are at the forefront of the current San Francisco Burlesque scene. We talk with them about the recent surge in burlesque, its intersection with feminism, punk, and bullwhips.

The Erik Flatmo Interview
Erik Flatmo
has done stage design for A.C.T., the San Jose Opera, the California Shakespeare Festival and Killing My Lobster. We talk with him about the influence of film on stage design, teaching at Stanford, trends in scenic design, research, groundplans, models, and what it's like to work for everything from small dance companies to shoestring budget independent theatre to large scale productions.

The Pianofight Inteview
We talk to Rob Ready and Dan Williams, better known to San Francisco audiences as PianoFight productions. They talk about making it up as they go along, how they made their first film, and the truth behind “Rockstar Theatre”.

The Dylan Russell-Reuben Raskin Interview (part1) Part 2
We talk to actor, director, dancer Dylan Russell about teaching drama to high schoolers, working with Peter Finch, the role of the director after opening night, the play "Persistent Vegetative State", and the relationship between current politics and artistic interpretation. We also talk with Ruben Raskin about his play "The Cigars Will Burn All Night". In part 2, we talk about the state of theatre, adapting Roald Dahl, and directing improv.

The Kimberly Richards Interview (part 1) (Part 2)
Kimberly Richards, local actor, dancer, and director has been touring the nation in Late Night Catechism for the last several years. In part one of this interview, she talks about the show, growing up Catholic, and dancing with Don Rickles in Vegas. In part two of this interview, she talks about touring the country as a pseudo-nun, live in vegas as a young dancer, the state of theatre, the writer's strike, and teaching the next generation of actors.
To find where Late Night Catechism is playing in your area, click here.

The Erin Merritt Interview
Erin Merritt is the fonder of Women's Will, an all female Shakespeare company in the San Francisco Bay Area. We talk with Erin about what brought her to Shakespeare, how Women's Will came to be, the historical problems facing women in theatre, staging the classics, and Women's Will's current season.

The Marty Nemko Interview
Marty Nemko is the author of "Careers for Dummies", NPR host, and Bay Area actor and director.  We talk with Marty about careers, training how to be a director, profit versus nonprofit models of theatre, his production of "Same Time, Next Year" in Castro Valley, and the value ratio of small theatre versus large theatre.

The Matt Quinn interview
Matt Quinn is the founder of Combined Art Form Entertainment and the Off Market Theatre. We talk with Matt about the San Francisco-Los Angeles "railroad", the "Asylum" theatre, "Eavesdropping", "C.A.F.E.", "Tilted Frame" and mixing digital media with live performance.

The Noah Kelly interview
Noah Kelly is a playwright, performer, and co-founder of RIPE Theatre. We talk with Noah about directing 'Hardly Breathing', founding RIPE, life in Humboldt, performance art, and working with his mom.

The Michael Rice interview
Michael Rice is an actor, director, and host of the "Cool as Hell Theatre" podcast, which was recently picked up by KQED. We talk with the premiere Bay Area Theatre podcaster about how it all happened, getting snubbed by Kathleen Turner, "Soul Star", marketing, and all things that are cool as hell.

The Sam Shaw interview (part 1) (part 2)
San Francisco based improv comedian Sam Shaw talks about getting started in improv, the "Sam Shaw Show", "Yellow Man Group", "Simply Pathetic" and talks about the questionable history of the improv duo "The Babcocks". In part 2, Sam talks about Crisis Hopkins, the Twilight Zone, Ubu Roi and doing both scripted and improvised theatre.
Featuring: Diana Brown and Dan Wilson

The Jonathan Luskin interview
Playwright Jonathan Luskin talks about working with "Playground" and the Magic Theatre, his process as a writer, his time at Pixar, California versus New York, and the plays featured on Radiostar: Off the Page.
Featuring: Diana Brown, Christopher DeJong, Trish Tillman and Dan Wilson

The Deborah Wade interview
Playwright and performer Deborah Wade talks about working with actors, her current play at the Exit Theatre, working with Radiostar performers, casting, and her one-person show.
Featuring: Christopher DeJong, Dan Wilson and Diana Brown


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