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Early Adopter
A short play by Jonathan Luskin. In the near future, nano-technology is all the rage, but being an early adopter of new technology has its risks.
Featuring: Christopher DeJong, Jonathan Luskin, and Virginia Read

Turkey Sandwich
A short play by Jonathan Luskin. When confronted with the idea of parenthood a young couple find that not everything can be calculated with a spreadsheet.
Featuring: Diana Brown, Christopher DeJong, Trish Tillman

Waiting for Jensen
A short play by Deborah Wade. Two espionage agents wait for their superior, but aren't what they seem to be.
Featuring: Diana Brown, Jennifer Jajeh, Dan Wilson

The Cigars Will Burn All Night: The Dreams of the Common Man.
A short play by Ruben Raskin. Directed by Dylan Russell. Various people recount their dreams in this strange and compelling exploration of unconscous mind.
This one act play was developed in the Playwriting/Screenwriting class taught at Jewish Community High School of the Bay in San Francisco.

Featuring: David Austin-Groen, Diana Brown, Christopher DeJong, Jennifer Jajeh and Zack Stern.

Come Out of the Water
A short play by Deborah Wade. A small town police officer is called out to help remove a mad woman from the shallows of the ocean... a woman who is the mother of someone he is very close to.
Featuring: Jennifer Jajeh, Janna Sobel, Zack Stern

Turning On the Heat
Deborah Wade's short play featuring two old childhood friends who have let a decade old misunderstanding keep them apart.
Featuring: Christopher DeJong, Janna Sobel, Dan Wilson

Hardly Breathing
Deborah Wade's noir spoof about love, poetry, seduction and delusions of a mysterios nature. This show was first produced by Ripe Theatre at the Exit in San Francisco in March of 2007 and then brought straight to Radiostar with the original cast.
Featuring: Christopher DeJong, Mark Rachel, Trish Tillman, Deborah Wade

Care, Not Cash
Jonathan Luskin's short play about a trophy wife who faces the paradox of getting everything she ever wanted, but finding herself miserable.
Featuring: Diana Brown, Trish Tillman, Dan Wilson

A Short Play About Globalization
Dominic Orlando's dark play follows a man who may or may not be caught in a global conspiracy. Torture, shifting perceptions of reality, and American Idol form the landscape of this tale of identity, power, control and destiny.
Featuring: Diana Brown, Christopher DeJong, Jennifer Jajeh Julie Kurtz, Zack Stern, Dan Wilson

In this narrative play by Jonathan Luskin, a coyote prowls outside a suburban home on the edge of the desert as the home's inhabitants experience the desert within their own walls.
Featuring: Diana Brown, Jennifer Jajeh, Janna Sobel, Zack Stern and Dan Wilson

In this play by Trevor Allen, the embodiments of "Walter Plinge" and "George Spelvin" (names traditionally used to cover stage doubling or fake bodies for corpses in England and the U.S.) squabble during the intermission of a play in which they each play corpses.
Featuring: Christopher DeJong, Dan Wilson and Diana Brown

For information on acquiring a copy of this script for production purposes, please contact Trevor Allen.


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